Kane County Courts

Kane County Courts are currently in several locations. All Family Law cases are heard at the Judicial Center on Route 38 across from the Kane County fairgrounds. Family Law cases are generally heard on the First floor of the judicial Center however one of the Courtrooms has been moved to room 201 on the second floor. Three Courtrooms hear all types of Divorce cases both pre-decree (before a divorce has been final) and post-decree (issues such as child support or custody/visitation modification that arise after the divorce has been final). One Courtroom (101) hears almost exclusively child support, paternity and order of protection cases.

Kane County has moved DUI court to room 123 on the first floor with the family law cases.. The second floor hears mostly misdemeanors although Drug Court and a felony courtroom that hears Class 3 and 4 non drug felony cases at their initial stages are also located on the second floor.

The Third floor of the Judicial Center is exclusively felony cases.

Juvenile Cases are heard in the Juvenile Center located across the parking lot from the Judicial Center.

Civil cases (generally where someone is suing for money or property) are still heard in the Old Courthouse on third street in Geneva.

Traffic cases are heard in three locations. There is a new traffic courtroom aside the Clerk's office on Randall Road in St. Charles. There are also branch traffic courts in Aurora and Elgin